Solo and Ensemble Results 2014

On Saturday April 12, the following students participated in the LISD Solo and Ensemble contest. Congratulations on a fine performance!

Solos: Superior Awards (I)
4th grade Violin Academy: Khang Nguyen, Gracie Ebbinghouse, Remi Oyedipe

Hebron students: Audrey Lee, Nadia Livingstone, Shwetha Menon, Abbey Raymond, Risa Toyama,  Ania Drewniak, Hector Hernandez, Justin Chong, Kathryn Chong, Min Sin, Ankita Padarthy

Solos: Excellent Award (II) Kathryn Brode

Ensembles: Superior Awards (I)
Jenny Han, Hana Kim, Risa Toyama, Kathy Lim, Nadia Livingstone, Sophia Yoo, Amy Chiu, Erica Kang, Jason Lee, Christina George, Audrey Lee, Abbey Raymond, Kelvin Lu, Joseph Park, Eun Shin, Daniel Chong, Emily Liu, Helen Nguyen, Cole Greene, Hector Hernandez, Ryan Nelson, Hannah Park, Kathryn Brode, Nam Kim, Sun Kim, Caleb Park, Sharon John, Bryant Lee, Shwetha Menon, Min Sin, Michael Ashworth, Madison Jenkins, Johnathon Kim, Judy Lee, Justin Chong, Kathryn Chong, Erin Miller, Justin Shin

Ensembles: Excellent Award (II) Sophie Ebbinghouse, Sue Jin Park, Ankita Padarthy, Helen Nguyen

Orchestra takes top honors in Washington DC

Congratulations to the trip orchestra! They received a Superior Rating and Best Overall High School Orchestra at the Festivals of Music Washington DC contest. The performance was held at the campus of Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia.

Contest Show

The Patriot, by John Williams arr John Moss

Freedom Train, by Robert Sieving

Point Lookout, by Brian Balmages

LISD Solo and Ensemble Results

Congratulations to the following students!

Excellent Award for Solo Perfomance

Justin Daih

Superior Award for Solo Performance

Kylie Roach

Marianne Lee

Ben Chilton

Risa Toyama

My Nguyen

Rebecca Raymond

David Kim

Shwetha Menon

Nadia Livingstone

Ryan Nelson

Chris Gambini

Erin Miller

Superior Award for Ensemble Performance

Brandon Nguyen, Justin Shin, Dena Thach

Melvin Alexander, Hana Kim, Joseph Park, Sophia Yoo

Melody Ann, Marianne Lee, Kenneth Maloney, Erin Miller, Ryan Nelson

Justin Chong, Joshua Park

Ben Chilton, My Nguyen

Hector Hernandez, Kylie Roach

Kathy Lim, Hanna Shin

David Kim, Rebecca Raymond

UIL Contest 2013


Symphonic Orchestra

Swedish Rhapsody, Alfven
Pyramids, Frost
Sinfonia in D, Bach

Results: Excellent rating, concert
Superior Rating, sightreading

Chamber Orchestra

Lady Radnor’s Suite, Parry
Steal Away, Turner
Point Lookout, Balmages

Results: Excellent rating, concert
Superior rating, sightreading

Students researched the songs, composers, and historical significance of the UIL repertoire. Below is some of the featured artwork from our class projects.