Hebron Orchestra is comprised of three levels of orchestra: Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, and Concert Orchestra. All members in good standing enjoy the same rights and privileges associated with the orchestra, including our yearly concert series, festivals, socials, parties, trips, and other events. Hebron Orchestra welcomes all young string musicians at all skill levels and experience. Our goal as a program is to offer all students a rewarding musical experience. If you are new to Hebron Orchestra we can’t wait for you to be a part of the Hebron Orchestra family!

The Hebron Orchestra is directed by Matthew Cautivar.  He is an advocate of LISD’s Strategic Design initiative as well as the 1:X initiative, having served previously on the Technology Cadre and Campus Design Team.  He frequently presents professional learning for LISD as well as other learning communities on a variety of topics, such as technology in the classroom, grading for learning, and new teacher training.

Mr. Cautivar enjoys playing several instruments, and even more – sharing the joy of music with students. He graduated with honors from the University of North Texas, studying with Maestro Anshel Brusilow, Dr. Igor Borodin, and Mr. Karrell Johnson, as well as supplemental study with Dr. Susan Dubois and Ms. Maria Schleuning.

Matthew Cautivar
Orchestra Director
IG: hebronorchestra