Hebron Orchestra 2020: Into the Unknown!

Dear Hawks,This is Matthew Cautivar with the Hebron Orchestra.  If you’re new to the Hebron Orchestra I want to welcome you to the orchestra family, and if you’re returning I want to welcome you back!

As we head into the unknown, please help us adhere to the plan set forth by LISD:

We will begin classes tomorrow by meeting on Webex.  The Webex groups will be created via Canvas.  The orchestra class schedule is currently as follows:

1st Period – Concert Orchestra
2nd Period – Virtual Orchestra – Intermediate (Concert Orchestra Level)/Advanced (Symphonic and Chamber Orchestra Level)
3rd Period – Chamber Orchestra
4th Period – Symphonic Orchestra

Since there are two virtual classes scheduled during 2nd period, Intermediate will meet from 10:15am – 10:45am and Advanced will meet from 10:45 – 11:15.

I am currently available for office hours during Tutoring and PLC time.

Per district instructions, if you received a Webex Teams invite via email, please delete it.  This is a direct result of the Parent Observer Role. When LISD teachers began the Canvas integration with WebEx Teams, it notified students as well as parent observers. This communication was not intended to be sent to parents and parents cannot be a member of their child’s WebEx Team.


Thank you for your patience as we work out any scheduling discrepancies still remaining.  We will go over scheduling during class tomorrow and hopefully resolve them as soon as possible.


It is extremely important for us to take accurate attendance in accordance with the district guidelines.  Please have your student log in to their WebEx class according to their most recent schedule for tomorrow.  If they are unable to attend for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible.


I’ve always asked our students to view new challenges as new opportunities.  Whether we like it or not, we will have many new opportunities this year.  I’m excited for our orchestra to discover and explore new facets of music and find new ways to share music performances with you and the Hebron community.

2020 Orchestra Greeting
I’m looking forward to this year no matter what direction it takes us.  Thank you in advance for your patience as we communicate frequently as our year rolls out.  For your reference, orchestra emails will also be posted to our website at hebronorchestra.org.  This email list was newly generated from your current Skyward accounts, so please feel free to manage your email preferences again this year.


Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with, and I hope to see you all soon, online or in-person!

Matthew Cautivar

Orchestra Director
Hebron HS | Lewisville ISD

Orchestra Email Form

Orchestra Email Form

This form is only required if you would like us to add a new email address or remove an old email address to the mailing list. If you are already receiving orchestra emails at your preferred email address you do not need to fill out this form.

Orchestra emails will also be posted at hebronorchestra.org

Please email Mr. Cautivar at cautivarm@lisd.net if you have any questions.

Orchestra – Virtual Options

LISD has added virtual learning course options for all Performing Arts programs.

You have the opportunity to amend your survey response and course requests through August 5th.

Please note that there will be a limited number of course offerings, as it is not possible to replicate all of the specialized and leveled options afforded through in person learning.  We will make every effort to maintain instructional delivery plans within clusters, as our performing arts curriculum is cluster-based.

Virtual instruction will include a combination of remote, synchronous delivery and asynchronous practice and assignment completion by virtual track students.  Families should be aware that their synchronous virtual learning experiences may not be with their current director at their campus, although we will be able to maintain direct connectivity through student access to program enrichment materials in CANVAS.

The list of virtual course offerings will be updated to include the following performing arts courses:

Middle School (Note – 6th grade beginning performing arts are already offered virtually):

  • Band Middle School Intermediate; Band Middle School Advanced
  • Choir Middle School Intermediate; Choir Middle School Advanced
  • Orchestra Middle School Intermediate; Orchestra Middle School Advanced
  • Theatre Middle School Intermediate; Theatre Middle School Advanced

High School:

  • Band High School Intermediate; Band High School Advanced; Percussion; Color Guard
  • Choir High School Intermediate; Choir High School Advanced
  • Dance High School Intermediate; Dance High School Advanced
  • Orchestra High School Intermediate; Orchestra High School Advanced
  • Theatre High School Intermediate; Theatre High School Advanced; Theatre High School Technical


Things to consider:

  • As per TEA guidance for the 2020-21 school year, families will have the option to reconsider their learning plan preferences each 9 weeks.
  • Colleges and universities are well aware of the conditions affecting opportunities in the performing arts, and they are contending with the same issues for their prospective graduates.  We encourage individual skill development and preparation, focusing upon what students CAN do.
  • Virtual track students MAY participate in extra-curricular components of their respective programs in accordance with modified UIL guidelines this school year.


For more information visit: LISD.net Return to School Update

The Finish Line

hebron orchestra 2020 3x1


Dear Hawks,

Well it’s been a strange journey but we’ve crossed the finish line. I am so proud of our students and I hope we can come back better than ever next year. I’m sad we missed out on many of our spring events, but I challenge our students to cherish everything we did this year, and throughout all of the years they’ve played in orchestra. We all decide what music means to us in our lives, and as our seniors move on I hope that music doesn’t become a part of their past, but continues to be in their lives in different ways.

Our orchestra wouldn’t be successful without you! I want to thank you all for helping us put together our program. We didn’t know it then, but we ended our performance year with three superior UIL sweepstakes – an incredible recognition by the state that takes many dedicated people to accomplish year in and year out. Special thanks to our wonderful booster club officers, parent volunteers, student leadership team, Hebron admin, middle school directors, and private lesson teachers. Thank you to all of our parents! You were your student’s first teacher, and maybe some of you weren’t expecting to revisit that this spring. 🙂

Trip Reimbursement

For those of you who were planning on going on the spring trip, US Integrity Tours has issued an 85% refund to you on the original ticket price. Please fill out this form in order to choose your refund options.


The trip reimbursement will be held by the booster club until a refund option is selected.

Uniform Return

If you missed the scheduled uniform return it’s ok. Please hold the uniform for the summer and return it to the orchestra when it is declared safe to do so.

Chamber Orchestra Summer Assignment

The Chamber Orchestra summer camp is TBD. Here are the links to the summer music assignment:
All State Audition Information:

Solo & Ensemble

Our Solo & Ensemble Festival took on a new format, among the many curveballs we were thrown. Many of our students were still able to prepare a superior performance for their solo & ensemble project. Typically only one solo and one ensemble performance is recognized in each festival room as one of the outstanding performances of the day between all orchestra students in the district. In lieu of this I would like to recognize the following students for their Outstanding Solo & Ensemble recordings:

(In alphabetical order)
Kessa Dryburgh
Grace Ebbinghouse
John Hwang
Elli Kim
Ke’Juan Thompson
Alice Wei

I hope you all have a wonderful summer, stay safe and healthy, and I’ll be looking forward to us having another fantastic orchestra next year!
Matthew Cautivar

Orchestra Director
Hebron HS | Lewisville ISD

Midwinter Concert

Hebron Auditorium
Tuesday, February 11

Thank you for joining us for our Midwinter Concert.

Please silence your devices for the duration of the concert.


Concert Orchestra

Souvenir de Porto Rico
Gottschalk/ arr. Frost

Follow The Drinking Gourd
African-American Folk Song/arr. Gruselle

M to The Third Power
Carold Nunez

Symphonic Orchestra

Vistas De Mexico
I. Flores Y Guittaras
III.  Fiesta
Ken Keuning

Milonga del Angel
Piazzolla/arr. Palmer

Tibetan Dance (Xiyi Ge)
arr. Wang

Chamber Orchestra

Concerto for Strings in D Minor, RV 127
I. Allegro
II. Largo
III. Allegro

Rondo from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525

Forty Six & 2
Keenan, Jones, Carey, and Chancellor/arr. McMillen