Author: Mr. Cautivar

Honor Orchestra

Dear Hawks,

Our very own Hebron Chamber Orchestra has been selected as a TMEA Honor Orchestra Finalist!  TMEA is our governing body as a school orchestra and an organization of over 12,000 school music educators.  All Texas high schools are invited to submit a live concert recording for the Honor Orchestra Competition, and of the entrants only the top 10% are selected as finalists.  In terms of competition, this is our regular season and playoffs all rolled into one concert.  This is the first time Hebron Orchestra has placed at TMEA, and along with our friends at Marcus Orchestra this is the first time that any LISD school has been selected to the finals since 2013.  The competition was judged in two rounds this weekend and our final statewide ranking was 9th overall.

Congratulations to our students for the incredible work they put into this performance!  Every day we are challenged and inspired by the highest standard of excellence set by Hebron HS and our fellow school organizations.

Go Hawks!

Hebron Orchestra Auditions for 2017-2018

Hebron Orchestra is comprised of three levels of orchestra: Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, and Concert Orchestra. All members in good standing enjoy the same rights and privileges associated with the orchestra, including our yearly concert series, festivals, socials, parties, trips, and other events. Members of the advanced orchestras enjoy increased privileges as well as increased responsibility. Hebron Orchestra welcomes all young string musicians at all skill levels and experience. Our goal as a program is to offer all students a rewarding musical experience. If you are new to Hebron Orchestra we can’t wait for you to be a part of the Hebron Orchestra family!

Auditions are only required if you would like to play in Symphonic or Chamber Orchestra. Placement in Concert Orchestra doesn’t require an audition.

The audition files are attached below and contain submission instructions.  Please email Mr. Cautivar at with any questions.

A playlist of the audition repertoire is available here:

Audition Playlist


Thanks and good luck!

hebron audition application

chamber bass

chamber cello

chamber viola

chamber violin

symphonic bass

symphonic viola

symphonic cello

symphonic violin